In 2014, my partner and I moved into a jungle cabin, five minutes outside of the site for Envision Festival. Since then, I have been constantly visualizing myself being on that stage. This year, those visions became a reality! And it was incredible...
Before my set, I was talking with a friend who told me that inner resistance was the only thing in between us and realizing every dream we have, individually and collectively. It is the only thing that is keeping us from connecting to our heart. I realize that that's what music and dance is for me, both as a creator and listener. It removes my inner resistance and connect me to my heart, to this moment and to simply having fun. I  was thinking of this all day and praying that all of the music at Envision would act as just that. A catalyst for all of us to connect to the ever flowing joy of this moment..
As the opening ceremony began, I stepped up on a stage and a flurry of cloud began to fill the sky. The energy of the crowd was vibrant and magical, as we prepared for the first drops of bass to vibrate through our bodies. Then I started my set and drops of rain started falling form the sky. As I headed into my second song, we found ourselves in a full blown torrential downpour. There then is a moment of stillness. What do we do? Do we go seek shelter? Are the speakers going to be okay? Is this really happening?​​​​​​​
We were all met with a choice. We could dwell in our inner resistance and avoid the rain or we could surrender fully and have some fun! The rain ended up lasting for the entirety of my set. Tireless coming down on us with no break in force. I didn’t know it at the time, but my prayer was answered. Those who stayed has the experience I was calling forth . They broke through their inner barriers and connect to freedom. It was crazy and so so special. Thank you to all who came and experienced that with me!