'Noumenon' is digital sculpture & animated artwork series by Can Büyükberber. Reminiscent of the idea of time as a landscape to an intersecting fabric of spaces as the surface of a manifold, the organic forms of Noumenon folds and unfolds on themselves with fluid movements. Sculptural forms crystallizes a holistic interpretation of the universes and possibilities beyond ours. As an ongoing form experiment that emerges from the intersection of higher dimensional spaces, organic structures, physics and futurism, it brings hypnotic transcendental objects into different displays in public and private spaces as kinetic sculptures. 'Noumenon' is a posited object that exists without sense or perception.
This massive digital sculpture and artwork series is a collaboration between artists Can Büyükberber and Gabriel Schama. Gabriel Schama created a highly intricate laser cut wood sculpture 'Ouroboros 4' as a centerpiece and canvas to create an entirely new work with Can Büyükberber. I created an in-depth audio track that directly syncs with the 20-min animation.